Scott and Erica's Wedding
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The Couple

Erica and Scott

How they met...

Entering as freshman at Elon University, Erica and Scott were assigned the same dorm complex at Danieley Center. It just happened the front doors of their apartments were directly across from each other. It was at the "everyone introducing themselves" event that they first met, but it took Scott a month before he made a move. It worked and the rest is history.

Erica and Scott

Good Times Had Together...

Graduation from college

Scott Kiss

The ring story...

Scott wanted it all to be a surprise. He started with the problem of buying a diamond ring without a ring size. Scott had a ring sizer but didn't know how to go about getting her size without her knowing. Slipping the sizer on while she slept didn't sound too promising. Finally, he got an idea.

Scott went to her jewelry box and put on every piece of jewelry Erica owned including rings. When she saw him, Erica laughed and said "What are you doing? Now take those things off." As Scott took them off, Erica placed the rings on her own fingers. He took notice of which one went on that special finger and sized it later. It turned out to be a perfect plan and she never suspected a thing.


The engagement story...

Scott wanted to make it romantic, special and a surprise. Each night that he planned something special, Erica made other plans and wasn't available. This happened three times. He finally asked Erica to make sure Saturday night was free so they could be together. He bought lobsters, made a delicious dinner, set the table on their deck with candles, Don Perignon, the works. Erica still didn't have a clue. After dinner he got on one knee and asked. As it turns out, Erica cried so much that she never said yes until the next morning.

Erica and Scottie


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Growing Up

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