hydrangea    Rich and Becky tie the knot

The Place

Eolia Mansion at Harkness Memorial State Park

Eolia is named for the Greek god of winds. His breezes help keep the 235 acre estate
cool on hot summer days. They will surely blow through the stone pergola facing Long
Island Sound, the site of the wedding ceremony. A formal Italian garden will provide
the backdrop. After dinner in the mansion, dancing will be outdoors under an tent on
the limestone terrace between the west and east loggias.

Two photographers have been kind enough to share with you
their work at Eolia. Please take a moment to visit their web sites.
Wedding Ceremony Site

We asked Carol and Vlad Kononov of newenglandsite.com
for permission to display the image above of the stone pergola
looking off toward Long Island sound.

They responded by creating an entire site for you to wander through
the gardens of the mansion. To view their generous gift, please

visit Eolia Mansion Website

Beneath the Stone Pergola Johnny Rygielski of   teofilstudios.com
graciously let us display this remarkable
image through the columns.

The larger view of this photograph, in the
teofilstudios archive, draws you into the space.

Decision Day

On a chilly day, in the fall of 2004, Rich and Becky chose this place to wed.

Heirs to a Standard Oil Co. fortune, Mary and Edward Harkness purchased the mansion in 1907 and used it as their summer retreat. In 1950 it was bequeathed to the State of Connecticut. A multi million dollar restoration was begun in 1996 and continues today. Mansion Corner
Garden Room
Harkness Websites:

Harkness Memorial State Park Website

Site map of the park

Who was Mary Harkness?

Friends of Harkness

Driving Directions

Dancing After Dark
Dancing After Dark

The professional image above is courtesy of Shannen Lathrop Photography.

Harkness Squirrel

During the search for a wedding site, we found one small drawback to Eolia. It was small, gray, furry and aggresive.

It seems the stone pergola at Harkness Memorial State Park is guarded by the Harkness Attack Squirrel. You have been forewarned. Walk softly and carry a wedding wand.


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