hydrangea      Rich and Becky tie the knot

The Couple

Formal Pose

Rich and Becky could have met in Connecticut during high school, when he was at Old Avon Farms and she was near by at Kingswood Oxford, but they didn't.

They could have met the summer before college when Becky called Rich to say, "Hi, I hear we are both headed for University of Arizona," but they didn't.

Instead they needed to travel 2000 miles to find each other.

Carib Couple

Today they are back in Connecticut.

After graduation, Rich packed up a U-Haul truck, towing Becky's Jeep
and Becky took Rich's new pickup, towing his old Wrangler
and they headed East with two dogs and a bowl of goldfish.

Despite a nasty snow storm, they made it and are now settled in North Haven, Connecticut.

Reily and Hunter     Marty

Reily and Hunter survied their travels and today are joined by Marty, a kitten Rich found abandoned.

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